Everyone’s A Suspect

It’s a small town and somebody has been murdered. Everyone is a suspect. Including everyone at this table. Especially everyone at this table.

In this storytelling game, everyone plays a character connected to a murder victim. They will all be incredibly suspicious, like they could each be the murderer. The style of storytelling is flexible, so this game is welcoming for both beginners and experienced role-players.

Everyone’s A Suspect will be fully published… eventually. (2020?) For a limited time, you can buy a preview/ashcan version on DriveThruRPG – see info on the right. Also, to hear more about the eventual release you can sign up for my email list below.


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For a Limited Time:
preview version available for sale!

Cards from the game.

This is a super basic (no art, fancy layout, etc.) version of the game on poker-sized cards with the rules in a downloadable PDF. 

You can purchase this version of the game for $10 at DriveThruRPG.